How do I get added to the e-blast distribution list?

Contact Omega Management to be added to the distribution list for future Bella Casa e-blasts.  Links are available on the homepage of this site.  

Multiple e-mails are allowed for the same home to ensure everyone in the home can be kept informed of important news and information related to the HOA.

Are more homes being added to our neighborhood?
​The Board has been contacted by developers seeking to add more homes or developments to Bella Casa.  The covenants specify that new homes can only be added to Bella Casa if two-thirds of all homeowners approve of the addition.  Given this high bar, we advise developers that more expansion is unlikely to be approved by the HOA members at a special meeting.

The HOA Board would also request an independent impact study be done before considering a vote be taken to the neighborhood.

What can I do about vehicles parked on the street that are in unsafe locations or for extended time periods?
​Several communications have been issued regarding on street parking.   Habitual parking that is observed by our management company or reported by neighbors will be documented and acted upon as needed.  


Any parking of vehicles that creates a safety issue should be immediately reported to the police.

Can we have speed bumps or traffic signs installed?
​Most of the roads within Bella Casa are the property and responsibility of the Town of Apex and/or NC Department of Transportation.  The HOA does not have the ability to add speed bumps, traffic signs or other traffic control measures.  In the past, requests by neighbors have not been approved by the Town of Apex or NC DOT.

Any violations of speeding or unsafe driving should be reported to the police as the HOA has no jurisdiction in these situations.

What are the pool hours?  
​The HOA Board will communicate the pool opening dates and hours prior to the start of the pool season.

How do I schedule a pool party?  

Homeowners may schedule a pool party by contacting Aquatic Management at least 10 days prior to the event.  The following link is to their site and provides information to help request staffing for the party:

Homeowners must also contact Omega Management to provide details on the date and location of the party.  The contact information for Omega Management is on the main page of this website.


Am I part of the Bella Casa HOA?  

All residents of Bella Casa are members of the Bella Casa Homeowners Association, however members of “Parkside at Bella Casa” [townhomes] and the “Townes at Bella Casa” have an additional membership to the their respective townhome HOA and they pay an additional assessment for maintenance of their common areas.


Which management company is managing my neighborhood?  

Omega Management manages the day to day running of the entire Bella Casa neighborhood however, the Townes at Bella Casa are managed additionally by R.S. Fincher.  Links to all of the relevant management companies is on the homepage of this website.

What is the plan to improve our common area landscaping?

​Most of the common areas have now been transitioned to the HOA with the remainder coming over as developers complete their sections of the neighborhood.  The HOA Board was put in place in spring of 2017 and requested a Reserve Study be completed to create a long term plan based on expected costs to maintain the common areas and facilities over the next thirty years.  This was critical to ensure the HOA has appropriate financial reserves and can plan for improvements.


The Board established the Beautification Committee which will be focused on creating a community wide plan to maintain and improve the common areas.  The committee will be working in 2018 to develop the plan and begin implementation based on the budget available.  Please check the Beautification Committee page of this website for updates or contact the Board to ask questions.

Are Airbnb and other short term rentals permitted?

Bella Casa covenants and bylaws do not have any specific language preventing the renting of homes for Airbnb and other short term arrangements.  The Board has consulted with the Town of Apex as well as our legal counsel to evaluate options.  


The Town of Apex also does not specifically prevent short term rental of homes.  Such rentals are taking place in many neighborhoods within Apex, so the Town is aware of concerns from residents.  


Any changes to the Bella Casa covenants and bylaws to govern short term rentals would require approval of two-thirds of the neighborhood at a special meeting.  

What is a special meeting and when do they happen?

A Special meeting is required when changes to the covenants and By-laws are made, or if there is a desire to add additional homes to the Bella Casa HOA.  For a resolution to pass at a special meeting, two thirds of all homeowners must approve.  A special meeting is called at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  It can also be requested if at least 10% of the HOA agree. These rules are outlined in our current Covenants and By-laws.


Holding Special meetings is expensive as notices must be mailed out, and the meetings must be at a venue that can accomodate a large portion of the neighborhood.

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